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Research shows that a healthy lunch time meal helps concentration and learning ability in the afternoon.

Our Menus are designed to be fresh, healthy and delicious. They change 3 times a year in line with the seasons and are based on a 3 week menu cycle. We respond to feedback received from pupils, staff and parents, and always feature some traditional favourites alongside popular new dishes.

For Primary schools each day we offer two main choices of which one is vegetarian, plus filled jacket potatoes (if requested by the school). For desserts there is a choice of organic yoghurts, fresh fruit pots, whole pieces of fresh fruit and on most days a homemade dessert. All homemade desserts now contain 25% less sugar.

Our Nutritionist analyses all our menus to ensure compliance with legislation and supports us in providing guidance for special dietary requirements.

We are passionate about sourcing the very best ingredients and where possible always prefer to use privately owned local suppliers.

Local sourcing not only makes good business sense but it is also very important in our ecological quest to reduce food miles and to support the local community.


Food for Life Gold Award for our School catering services

Food for Life Catering Mark
Gold Award

We are proud and delighted to announce that we has been awarded the GOLD FOOD FOR LIFE CATERING MARK.

We are the first caterer in Kent to offer this to all our schools.

We are passionate about the quality of food we provide and the effect food has on our children’s health and on the environment. Having this award also rubber stamps our commitment to buying ethically and supporting local suppliers and farmers.

What does it mean to our food?

  • A minimum of 15% of our produce is organic, we buy organic milk, yogurts, mince, burgers, meatballs
  • 5 % of meat is Free Range
  • All eggs are free range
  • Bananas are Fairtrade
  • Fish is MSC
  • All seasonal fruit and vegetables are local

We work very closely with all our suppliers to ensure that we only receive the best quality produce, which is then cooked on site at our schools, providing all our customers with healthy balanced meals.

This is an amazing scheme which promotes healthy eating, traceability of food, animal welfare and environmentally friendly policies.